The Undercity

“You are greeted with an unusual but nonetheless impressive sight. A massive chasm spreads out before you, and you must assume this is the sinkhole near the center of Harkenfast, only you are well below the surface. Hugging the circumference of the pit are walkways and alleys that lead underground again, the remnants of old street and building layouts altered by time, neglect, and dirt collapses.”

Slummers Lane – Poor street where Fruven Loyalar resides.

Bob and Earls Things and Stuff – Sewer shop where Bobthelonius the Bugbear the 4th and “Amadeus” O’Early work.

Abandoned Temple of Pelor

Fruven Loyalar – Upper class dwarf helping the poor in the undercity.
Bobthelonius the Bugbear the 4th – Brown-haired bugbear with a golf cap.
“Amadeus” O’Early – Red-haired bugbear with a pidgeon in his hat.
Lady Magerris the Illusionist – Accomplished gnome illusionist

The Undercity

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