A massive city rising out of the earth and well beyond, tall spires and buildings jutting out into the sky. It appears as though it began as a normal sized city with thick, defensive walls that appear to have never been expanded upon, so as the city grew, it had no way to go but up. What resulted is a mass of homes, shops, and skyways extending between the higher sections of the city. It is tall enough to the point where some families rarely have to venture down to the ground level to accomplish everyday activities, with shops, business, schools, even small ‘town squares’ can be found at various levels of height.


The Hole – A cheap, dingy inn and tavern at ground level.

Cracked-Staff Manor – A large estate previously known to house a family of wizards, currently owned by the players.

The Lion’s Den – Local Fighters Guild

The Undercity – Deep under Harkenfast, built around circumference of the sinkhole.

The Blasted Tower – Local Wizards Guild

Toadstool Inn – Inn specifically built for Halflings, Gnomes, and any species of a smaller stature.

Kings Other Castle – High-end hotel.

Lucky Jacks – Reputable gambling hall.

University of Harkenfast – A respected institution of higher learning, famous for its diverse student body, allowing nearly all of the civilized races to enroll.


The city is the center of all important government and trade in the surrounding area, having a prime position between all the other major cities. From what you have heard (or know, if you’ve visited), the class system has evolved in the city in a vertical fashion. The richest and most influential persons live on the lowest levels, in the biggest houses at the base of building columns, providing the largest rooms and easiest access to the ground levels, and the poorest living near the top in the smallest buildings, with the most danger related to height, and having to travel the longest distances to reach important locations further down. The city also extends far down into the earth, having been built on top of a sinkhole of some kind. The city continues to expand upwards, while the lowest levels of the city eventually sink into the earth, causing many houses and underground tunnels to be rumored underneath the surface.


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