DZX Adventures

Session Recap 9/24/2013

          After four months, we all ended up in the hole. This huge underground hotel that wasn’t the prettiest of places to be. A dark wizardy fellow, named Mordikai, stopped in and asked us to help him discover the secrets to a haunted house. All he could offer was some measly gold, but it doesn’t take much for us when we have been living in a “hole” for so long. Before we could leave, we were assaulted by a drunken nuisance. He conned in the old man (Ed) of our group to buy his “pair of shoe” and his “horse key”. The next day, we strolled to the offical ________’s office and he told us that he wasn’t paying us a bronze more for the job. After our failed attempt to get more for this odd job, we tried to get more information from the drunkard of the night before. He told us he found the key in the street, but we weren’t going to much out of a drunk nobody.

          We finished our information collecting, and headed to this haunted mansion. The old one decided it was time to open the front door, but in doing so he lit his whiskers on fire. From that, we learned to try the back door. The old fart, still in the lead…somehow… “activated” a lock while opening the back gate. Sensing no danger, everyone decided to stroll through, accept Floa and the giant. They don’t seem to trustworthy of old man’s judgement. Before any of us could get to it, Ed decided to use the “horse key” on the back door. This unlocked some sort of rune trap that let out zombies and flaming bats.

          After that oh-so-fun encounter, Ed took the lead into taking us into the building. Floa, still skeptical to why we were following the crazed old one. Ed the ancient, not skipping a beat, decided to walk into a food closet and get himself stuck in it. A majority of the group was content on leaving him in the room, but none of us wanted willingly adventure this mad house with less then everyone available. We decided to send the robot (C.L.A.R.C) off to bust the old-fart out. With a big boom, he had apparently blown himself into the wall as the door shattered.

          We began to search other rooms, and found a particularly interesting one with flaming ghosts and laser traps. The giant, losing his skepticism, charged in and found himself getting tasered left and right then burnt from the ghosts. It seems like he enjoys the pain. The rest of us followed a different route to the flaming ghouls by going around the traps or just staying back. The ghouls were defeated, the giant was healed, so we decided to check out the room. The window in this room showed that i was night time, while if you took a few steps to the back door, it was clearly day time.

This is where we rested for the session.



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