DZX Adventures

Hyrn's Last Day: A note from Floa's Diary

I awoke in my warm bed.

          I had some lovely chrysanthemum tea made for me, I took a relaxing rinse in fresh water, and ate some fresh fruits for breakfast. A perfect morning… Well almost, since my annoying conscious kept pestering me. Every bite I took gave me a twinge of guilt for those… people, no things, that slept out in the wilderness. Unable to shake this guilt feeling, I sighed and trumped threw town. I purchased decent fruit and vegetation as breakfast to share with them. I was making my way to the gates when my conscious pecked at me again. With yet another sigh, I turned around picked up some dirty meats and the cheapest “alcohol” in town. I finally set out, left town, and headed towards, where I assumed to be, their campsite.

          I met up with the sad ones and extended my greetings towards them. I made sure to tell them it was out of charity that I bought them breakfast and surely not because I cared. Needless to say, none of them even thanked me for the meal, in which I was cursing at myself for thinking that they would even care what I do for them. Even with their cold shoulders towards me, I begrudgingly told them that I would continue to help with their quest. Did they hear me? Of course not. Do they care? I am not sure. Would they complain if I left? Oh, absolutely.

          After our little not-discussion, we headed back into the city. I was able to open the jeweled box I had for ages. Nothing special but some pretty jewels and gold. I also had to do some armor shopping. I was tired of lugging around heavy chain mail and more or less wanted to be more flexible in tough situations. This sleek elk leather armor should do me just fine.

          We all were done browsing/shopping/drinking, whatever it is those fools do and met up at the sky docks. Approaching the desk, we encountered an annoying captian. She was way too happy to sail on a flying boat to and from the same ports, day in and day out. After her show of tasteless words, we paid her to get on deck and took off. I stayed above deck and looked out at the skies for what seemed hours. Flying seemed more boring to me then sailing the seas. At least there’s two shades of blue to look at instead of one with some splotches of white. We hit some turbulence and sensed a magical presence somewhere below deck. Unsure of what it was, I took the little demon with me. Her name is Lucy, I believe. Heading below deck, I told her to check the area I sensed the magic in. She looked over and and came back stating it was some kind of portal.

          I immediately alerted the captain of it’s presence and she seemed to not give a care what I, a clerical Deva, had to say. Such arrogance, but I had a feeling she would pay for it in the end. I also had a feeling she knew it was there, but was simply denying the fact. I gathered the rest of the group and we all headed towards this “portal”. Dog-breath went in first and found a bunch of bound looked-to-be slaves in cages. Hehe, no wonder Ms. Scale-faced captain was too happy to do such a boring job. The group discussed what plan of action we should take. In the end we decided to wait till we landed and alert the guard there. None of us wanted to see this horrid crime go un-punished, but I wasn’t feeling up to battling a bunch of sky-thugs on their ship.

          As if on que, another shipped approached and boarded ours. An official looking person stepped aboard, and claimed to be an inspector. He was talking with the captain about “legalities” on her ship. Instead of actually walking and checking for things himself, he just asked the sly-toothed captain for the report. Unable to hold my tongue, I approached the two and interrupted with urgency. I tried to address the “inspector” of this magical presence I had found, yet he was just as ignorant as the captain! Needless to say, I was more then upset at this point. The fact that my insight was being disregarded and that none of these imbeciles knew the hierarchy of Deva culture didn’t upset me more then the fact of beings suffering at another’s profit. It was up to us to save them at this point.

          I calmly turned back and whispered to Hyrn, “Go make some noise.” He promptly tromped down to the lower deck. I turned back to the inspector and said in a calm manner, “I assure you, you will find what you need to see.” Soon after, the cracking sound of wood and smashing of foundation, shook the boat, and it was coming from the captains quarters. Before I could even reach for my mace, I was assaulted by a shabby crewman’s club to the back of my head. I recovered quickly and grabbed my breast… emblem and blasted Bahamut’s holy light into his sinful eyes. Unbecoming to my efforts, he whacked me again. Dazed for a moment, I healed my wounds, and began to swing away at him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the giant take out a whole horde of the pirates in one mighty swing of his hammer. “Good job Jim!” I thought to myself. Jim is the giant’s name right?… Anyway, at the same time, the captain came bursting out of her quarters and began to take on the big oaf. To her dismay, the biggin’s swing continued on to plow her right into her ugly-smirking face. This was when she fell to her knees and surrendered to us. Haha, I knew she would get what was coming to her! I untied the defeated and now apologetic “inspector” and showed him the room that was “never-there” according to him not 5 minutes ago. The hostages were taken safely aboard the other boat. We all boarded his ship and headed to the port, thankfully with no more annoying encounters or captains.

           We landed safely and were able to trek the rest of our way to the short-mans cave. Hyrn got his magical what-ever-it-was orb figured out. I guess it is some sort of summon-able blob monster. Cute. Upon leaving the cave, we were confronted by another Hyrn. Yes, there are more then one. Apparently he is big-big Hyrn, and our Hyrn is little-little Hyrn and… Well anyway, he started babbling on how their father had called for their assistance and that our Hyrn needed to come along. So without saying much, he tossed me his blob crystal and waved good bye. Just like that, in an instant, left the smelly, slobbery, loud, annoying, idoitic, chaotic, dog-face that had annoyed me since my rebirth, was leaving. An painful head-ache, gone, for good! And for some reason… I was not happy with that. Things just started to get duller after that.



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