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Hyrn, you’re downstairs. Lucy and C.L.a.R.C. you’re downstairs. Floa, you’re heading downstairs. What are you doing Ranegrim?

“What do I do with all these buckets?”

Hyrn's Last Day: A note from Floa's Diary

I awoke in my warm bed.

          I had some lovely chrysanthemum tea made for me, I took a relaxing rinse in fresh water, and ate some fresh fruits for breakfast. A perfect morning… Well almost, since my annoying conscious kept pestering me. Every bite I took gave me a twinge of guilt for those… people, no things, that slept out in the wilderness. Unable to shake this guilt feeling, I sighed and trumped threw town. I purchased decent fruit and vegetation as breakfast to share with them. I was making my way to the gates when my conscious pecked at me again. With yet another sigh, I turned around picked up some dirty meats and the cheapest “alcohol” in town. I finally set out, left town, and headed towards, where I assumed to be, their campsite.

          I met up with the sad ones and extended my greetings towards them. I made sure to tell them it was out of charity that I bought them breakfast and surely not because I cared. Needless to say, none of them even thanked me for the meal, in which I was cursing at myself for thinking that they would even care what I do for them. Even with their cold shoulders towards me, I begrudgingly told them that I would continue to help with their quest. Did they hear me? Of course not. Do they care? I am not sure. Would they complain if I left? Oh, absolutely.

          After our little not-discussion, we headed back into the city. I was able to open the jeweled box I had for ages. Nothing special but some pretty jewels and gold. I also had to do some armor shopping. I was tired of lugging around heavy chain mail and more or less wanted to be more flexible in tough situations. This sleek elk leather armor should do me just fine.

          We all were done browsing/shopping/drinking, whatever it is those fools do and met up at the sky docks. Approaching the desk, we encountered an annoying captian. She was way too happy to sail on a flying boat to and from the same ports, day in and day out. After her show of tasteless words, we paid her to get on deck and took off. I stayed above deck and looked out at the skies for what seemed hours. Flying seemed more boring to me then sailing the seas. At least there’s two shades of blue to look at instead of one with some splotches of white. We hit some turbulence and sensed a magical presence somewhere below deck. Unsure of what it was, I took the little demon with me. Her name is Lucy, I believe. Heading below deck, I told her to check the area I sensed the magic in. She looked over and and came back stating it was some kind of portal.

          I immediately alerted the captain of it’s presence and she seemed to not give a care what I, a clerical Deva, had to say. Such arrogance, but I had a feeling she would pay for it in the end. I also had a feeling she knew it was there, but was simply denying the fact. I gathered the rest of the group and we all headed towards this “portal”. Dog-breath went in first and found a bunch of bound looked-to-be slaves in cages. Hehe, no wonder Ms. Scale-faced captain was too happy to do such a boring job. The group discussed what plan of action we should take. In the end we decided to wait till we landed and alert the guard there. None of us wanted to see this horrid crime go un-punished, but I wasn’t feeling up to battling a bunch of sky-thugs on their ship.

          As if on que, another shipped approached and boarded ours. An official looking person stepped aboard, and claimed to be an inspector. He was talking with the captain about “legalities” on her ship. Instead of actually walking and checking for things himself, he just asked the sly-toothed captain for the report. Unable to hold my tongue, I approached the two and interrupted with urgency. I tried to address the “inspector” of this magical presence I had found, yet he was just as ignorant as the captain! Needless to say, I was more then upset at this point. The fact that my insight was being disregarded and that none of these imbeciles knew the hierarchy of Deva culture didn’t upset me more then the fact of beings suffering at another’s profit. It was up to us to save them at this point.

          I calmly turned back and whispered to Hyrn, “Go make some noise.” He promptly tromped down to the lower deck. I turned back to the inspector and said in a calm manner, “I assure you, you will find what you need to see.” Soon after, the cracking sound of wood and smashing of foundation, shook the boat, and it was coming from the captains quarters. Before I could even reach for my mace, I was assaulted by a shabby crewman’s club to the back of my head. I recovered quickly and grabbed my breast… emblem and blasted Bahamut’s holy light into his sinful eyes. Unbecoming to my efforts, he whacked me again. Dazed for a moment, I healed my wounds, and began to swing away at him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the giant take out a whole horde of the pirates in one mighty swing of his hammer. “Good job Jim!” I thought to myself. Jim is the giant’s name right?… Anyway, at the same time, the captain came bursting out of her quarters and began to take on the big oaf. To her dismay, the biggin’s swing continued on to plow her right into her ugly-smirking face. This was when she fell to her knees and surrendered to us. Haha, I knew she would get what was coming to her! I untied the defeated and now apologetic “inspector” and showed him the room that was “never-there” according to him not 5 minutes ago. The hostages were taken safely aboard the other boat. We all boarded his ship and headed to the port, thankfully with no more annoying encounters or captains.

           We landed safely and were able to trek the rest of our way to the short-mans cave. Hyrn got his magical what-ever-it-was orb figured out. I guess it is some sort of summon-able blob monster. Cute. Upon leaving the cave, we were confronted by another Hyrn. Yes, there are more then one. Apparently he is big-big Hyrn, and our Hyrn is little-little Hyrn and… Well anyway, he started babbling on how their father had called for their assistance and that our Hyrn needed to come along. So without saying much, he tossed me his blob crystal and waved good bye. Just like that, in an instant, left the smelly, slobbery, loud, annoying, idoitic, chaotic, dog-face that had annoyed me since my rebirth, was leaving. An painful head-ache, gone, for good! And for some reason… I was not happy with that. Things just started to get duller after that.

Session Recap 9/24/2013

          After four months, we all ended up in the hole. This huge underground hotel that wasn’t the prettiest of places to be. A dark wizardy fellow, named Mordikai, stopped in and asked us to help him discover the secrets to a haunted house. All he could offer was some measly gold, but it doesn’t take much for us when we have been living in a “hole” for so long. Before we could leave, we were assaulted by a drunken nuisance. He conned in the old man (Ed) of our group to buy his “pair of shoe” and his “horse key”. The next day, we strolled to the offical ________’s office and he told us that he wasn’t paying us a bronze more for the job. After our failed attempt to get more for this odd job, we tried to get more information from the drunkard of the night before. He told us he found the key in the street, but we weren’t going to much out of a drunk nobody.

          We finished our information collecting, and headed to this haunted mansion. The old one decided it was time to open the front door, but in doing so he lit his whiskers on fire. From that, we learned to try the back door. The old fart, still in the lead…somehow… “activated” a lock while opening the back gate. Sensing no danger, everyone decided to stroll through, accept Floa and the giant. They don’t seem to trustworthy of old man’s judgement. Before any of us could get to it, Ed decided to use the “horse key” on the back door. This unlocked some sort of rune trap that let out zombies and flaming bats.

          After that oh-so-fun encounter, Ed took the lead into taking us into the building. Floa, still skeptical to why we were following the crazed old one. Ed the ancient, not skipping a beat, decided to walk into a food closet and get himself stuck in it. A majority of the group was content on leaving him in the room, but none of us wanted willingly adventure this mad house with less then everyone available. We decided to send the robot (C.L.A.R.C) off to bust the old-fart out. With a big boom, he had apparently blown himself into the wall as the door shattered.

          We began to search other rooms, and found a particularly interesting one with flaming ghosts and laser traps. The giant, losing his skepticism, charged in and found himself getting tasered left and right then burnt from the ghosts. It seems like he enjoys the pain. The rest of us followed a different route to the flaming ghouls by going around the traps or just staying back. The ghouls were defeated, the giant was healed, so we decided to check out the room. The window in this room showed that i was night time, while if you took a few steps to the back door, it was clearly day time.

This is where we rested for the session.

Exploding mess of the idiots.
Why am I here? - By Floa

Continuing off in the death laser room, we investigated the door next to the death room. The door has a potion mark on it. Old man opens the door and it looks like a typical potion room with a large cauldron in the middle. Everything was expired except for the foul scented, purple colored liquid in flasks. The old man took one and handed me the other two. I quickly pointed to already-bad-smelling dog; wanting nothing to do with those rancid flasks. The old man peered into a windowed door that appeared to be a kitchen attached to a dining room. The furry one decided to open up the closet on the opposite side to the kitchen. The old-one rushed over to investigate the dirty closet and came out with a dirty old hat, which he promptly wore. Deciding to not trail down the foyer, dog-brain decides to open the kitchen door wide open and walk in. He immediately got stuck in a gelatinous cube. Joy. Yerne always being the first to step into trouble, literally, we end up fighting the clear blob. I knew of these creatures from my past lives, they were slow moving but were still extremely dangerous. Two lightening shards also came out at us and yet another battle has started. Wonderful.

To my surprise, the elder human was the first on his feet and decided to blast away one of the shards, pushing it down the foyer. The genius ogre decides to charge down the hallway with his massive hammer in hopes of smashing the shard. The oaf manages a devastating blow to the air next to the shard as he tumbles down the foyer and out of my sight. I decide, with the dog still stuck in the goo, to start getting hits off on the monster. With a radiant lance of faith, I sting the blob just enough to free the fuzz ball. Again, being the smart one, once he was freed, the dog decides to shut the door, instead of, you know, running or attacking or anything of real use. Being blocked by the door, I turn my attention to the fight down the hall. It looked like smashing buffoon was still at it with the shard. I decide to help him out with another radiant lance. Either he was confused or blinded by faith when he immediately yelled out, “All the things!” Having no clue of what he had just stated, we all continued to fight. As predicted, the blob began to burst out of the door and continued its rampage on the dog. The ancient wizard, for once, was actually doing his job as he had weakened the shard and blob significantly. His streak ran dry quickly, however, as he eventually hid in a closet and continued to blast his spells in random directions from it, being of no use once again. Suddenly there was a huge burst from down the hallway where the ogre was. The sound of glass shattering rang out.

The ogre came crawling back, drowning in blood, with a crazy scimitar swinging skeleton behind him. I’m surprised my holy instinct could not detect its evil presence sooner. At the time, I attempt to help the large hairless one, but the large hairy one was still getting beat down by the jelly cube of acid. Sighing, questioning why I always get stuck in this situation, I do what I can to rehabilitate the two dimwits while also having to damage the creatures as much as I could, since our wizard was still stuck in the closet; firing spells at bugs on the wall. The battle had lasted too long and I was out of healing faith for the time being. I began to blast down the undead abomination before me. His bones shattered into the air, most of them being caught by the ogre’s face, but the wicked being still stood. Finally losing it, the giant screams in rage and obliterates the skeleton into shreds. Not tasting enough death, the hairless oaf decides to finish off the blob too, splattering its acidic remains everywhere in the foyer. Predicting the path of the raging catastrophe, I command the remaining shard to fly all the way back into the kitchen, hoping whatever mess to follow the giant would happen away from us.

Seeing that most of the threats were now dead, the oh-so-heroic wizard finally leaves his closet and decides to rush after the shard. We see the old man dash into the door of the dining room as the shard makes it slow return back to us. Before the shard passes the door, a blast of light appeared and struck the shard. The shard explodes onto the dumb-founded ogre in front of me. His blood soaked and putrid smelling body collides into mine, as we both splatter onto the wall and fall flat on our faces. The old-idiot comes out of the kitchen with a satisfied smile on his face. The furry-idiot gets up and doesn’t even attempt to brush off the goo that was sticking to his fur. The big-idiot, now deafened and prone, decides to yell for help, right next to me. As I lie on the ground, I question my very purpose here. I begin to wonder if I would evoke the rage of my ancestors and Bahamut if I were to leave this life and start a new, purposefully. There was no way that I would be able to ascend if I commit suicide, but even so, the thought was enticing.

As the ogre and I take refuge on the bloody, boney, and blob filled ground, the other two explore the kitchen, dining room and hallway. From what I could hear, the two found a secret room in the dining room. (The old man finds magic gloves and hands them to Hyrn who’s claws poke out.^) More noise I hear of is that of the room at the end of the foyer and how it was out of place. Rotting flesh covering the ground, and what appeared to be another strange door that led to a forest. The Cracked Staff must be doing some necromancy. Hyrn continues to explore and, again, his dog-brain tells him to just open doors without doing so carefully and exposes yet another creature. “Uh guys, there’s a thing,” he states. “How descriptive,” I remark in my head as I roll my eyes. (Hyrn and the old one were in the hallway as the oaf and I were still resting in the foyer.^)

^Out of character.

Mansion Mystery Murders My Mind
Can it be over yet? - by Floa

As usual, dog-brain is the one to find the bad stuff. After opening the door, he gets attacked by a strange blue creature with a tripod mouth. The ogre, now rushing to the scene, watches as the dog bashes the monster on the head. As soon as the hit connects, the creature blinks out of existence; or so it seemed. I headed over to bear witness to this strange site. As soon as I round the corner, I see a flash of blue appear next to the old-man, and then they were both gone. This creature was surely not of this world. Without another second to think of what had just happened, another scimitar slicing skeleton made it was down the hallway towards us. Having enough with these abominations for one day, I commanded the vile thing straight into Jim; who promptly smashed it accordingly.

Not a moment later, we see the senior citizen frantically run out the door into the creepy room and immediately start to fire crazed magic back into it. I decide to keep my focus on the Arabian skeleton and continue to fire Bahamut’s holy righteousness at it. Shards of the necrotic being begin to fly straight into the two meat-head’s faces, as my bombardment did not cease. It was Jim who did the final smashing and the abomination was pounded into the dust that it should have been all along. The wizard continues to frantically blast spells into the room he escaped from until the blue creature was a smolder on the floor.

Now that the “fun” was over, we continued with our investigation. The room smelly-one had found was very… off. Everything was tilted and uneven. Even with the evil infestation of the previous room, I was more discomforted by this room than any other. It was hard to tell, but the room seemed to be a simple guest room. It seemed to be raining outside this room’s window. The room where the mysterious blue-creature flashed wrinkles into looked to be an office. A scorching desert could be seen from this window. Whilst searching this room, we came across an “Amulet of Physical Resolve.” It seemed best to give it to the giant.

Continuing our look around this horrid place, we came across a door with many colored levers on it. Another door, leading to what we presumed was the same place as the lever door, was covered in traps. We attempted to think of how to open the colored door. Even though we had only spent the morning there, we seemed to have forgotten everything we had been through so far, so we had to do some backtracking to find a way to solve the door’s “puzzle.” After a few trial and errors, we were able to open the door by moving the black, red and brown levers with the mut only suffering minor injuries.

We ventured through the door to find a hallway. We walked through the doors on the right and came into what we believed to be the master bedroom. There was a mirror in the corner that did not look correct, which seemed very fitting for this haunted mansion of strange happenings. In the mirror we saw a severed head lying on the desk in the room, even though there was no head on the desk when we looked at it outside the mirror. The head remained in the mirror, until fuzz-ball stuck his big paw onto where the head seemed to be on the desk. The head “came to life” and began to talk to us. This seemed to be too much for the ogre as he had started to shout at us and the mirror. I guess he has finally lost the little mind he had. After a few questions, and once the giant calmed down a bit, we were able to learn that the head belonged to Dyrel Crackedstaff. He stated he had been practicing opening up portals to different dimensions and got stuck inside the mirror. His son, Delmar, seemed to be attempting the same witch-craft. To his suspicions, Delmar may have been successful seeing as how he was not familiar as to why there were teleporting tripod monsters in his house, along with most everything else. He asked us to bring him Delmar for questioning in return for some “valuable” information. With my patience leaning on its final bearings, Delmar should pray to his gods that we give him the chance to explain his sins.

Leaving the bodyless-wonder, we step into the room across the hallway. It is here where we find a huge, swirling, evil, clue that we have been searching for. A large, terrifying, yet stable portal to another dimension was open before us. It looked like a miniature tornado crashing atop of a carved portal sign with a small cracked orb lying beneath. Wanting absolutely nothing to do with this situation, we all decide to close the door and head up stairs.

Wanting this escapade to be over with, I decide to head up first. Much to my not-surprise, more “fun” awaited us in the library. Another blob was waiting for us, as well as two small but gruesome looking creatures. They attacked us. Hurray… With the smell of more battle, came the aloof ogre, practically skipping past us on the stairs to rush straight into battle. Snot-face joins him as they gang up and destroy the blob thoroughly. I am mildly, yet not-very much, impressed that they finally try to use battle-tactics that actually help our situation. Unfortunately, our “drunkest of wizards” becomes a target again as the disgusting tentacle creatures capture him and teleport him around the room. I suppose drunk elderly men are favored in the dimension these bastardized creations come from. The two smaller ones fall quickly, as the bigger one, who had joined the fight later, continues to reign down its psychic attacks of horror and slimy tentacles of repulsiveness. The duo meat-heads decided to flank. The ogre does a fantastic wind up just to miss his target and fly off the top of the story. He falls while shouting, “FLOA!” I couldn’t help but giggle as the fumbling ballerina gracefully lands on his face after his devastating 3 foot fall. He then proceeds to scramble back up and bash the hentai monster for a killing blow. It seems like Jim just enjoys a show once and awhile.

We leave off here in the library, having to take a short breather before continuing on.

Notes from 10/25/2014

Open up door on upper library. Reveals to be bathroom with very frozen door. Old man tries to figure it out. Try to blast door with magical fire. It seemed to have worked, the door is now unfrozen. Hern slowly opens up door to very hot room of fiery inferno. Everyone dives into pool and wets themselves to cross the room. I refuse such nonsense and run through the room. A few burns are nothing for me. We run into a large open room. Large tentacle head in the room with 2 zombie dogs. Battle starts.

Ogre charges in first. Dog close behind him. Ed finishes of the dog with a blast. I try to heal the giant, but I end up attracting the Beholder. It sees me as a threat, finally, in the presence of something intelligent. Hern charges in at the Beholder. We finish off the dog as a ghost solider appears and attacks Hyrn. The Beholder plays with Ed and more ghost appear out. We were getting really down. I was missing, Hern was stuck, ogre was almost dead, and once again the creepy things want to make love with Ed. Finally a ghost was finished off. I was able to save ed who did surprising a lot of damage to the Behole. The two meat heads faught the ghost while Ed and I continue with Behold. Ed goes down as everyone is holding on by the skin of their teeth. I do my best to protect the fallen man. We pulled our greatest efforts to defeat sir Behole. It was Bahamut’s sacred flame that finally made the beast fell. All that remained was one more skeleton warrior.

We got to rest and it looked as if it was an underdeep cave. The window shows to be regular day. The behole left what seemed to be a symbol from his magical practices. The fire room had deafened. Visiting the portal room, it seemed to stabilized. Went back to talk to Derrel to tell him of the news of Behole, portal and no Delmar. Stated the crack in the orb is what let the Behole through. The windows seem regulated as well. We travel back to the Bailiff. We explained the situation to him and we all received 250 gold. We take the house and it goes in Ed’s name. I suppose he earned the destroyed and haunted mansion. Now we are room-mates. Joy.

Notes from 11/11/2014

In the morning, the men ate breakfast, while I meditate. But as soon as the sun rises, the idiots find trouble. This time it was Ed to find a group of Bug Bears. Jim comes out swinging as he smashes into the bears face. Ed finds another one hiding in the bushes as some humans join the fight. After a quick fall of the ogre, we defeated most of them, while one gets away. What a great start to today. Ed went shopping for a magical dagger. The two oafs go out to get more armor. I try to look for a beach but with no avail. I decide to look for a church of Bahamut. I find one with an ancient Dragonborne priest. Father escorts me to the basement and tells me a lot of people have fallen with illness the past few months. I decide to assist them.

A man bursts into the church asking for help. We help him, but guard (one who stabbed him) came asking for him. I decide to get him for the guard but decide against it. I lie to the guard but will release the man once he is healed I told father.

Hern and others:
After getting armor, decide to look for a fighters guild. They find the Lions Den. A woman elf welcomed them. The good woman brought us yummy wine. Sorcerer not welcome. Had to pay to enter. Hern wants to make better impression of Knolls. Try outs are at 7pm. Ask for earlier armor, but nope. Back to the den. Lady leads us downstairs. We can’t use weapons. That ok. Said something about Semore. Fight with Grimm. Ed bet on us, we must win. We ready to fight! Semore is hill giant. We in the rage cage. We punch him, but he punch harder. He charge us and Grimm goes down. I get a few more in before I’m knockouted.

PLAY on 01/20/2015

Two idiots get dragged to church to heal.
Old man gets handed gold after losing it all. Follows others to Bahamut church. Drawf with no arm appears walks up to him. Asks them to come to join the fighters guild tomorrow. Floa shows up to the trio. Old man and giant go to Lions Den, Hern picks up armor. (Thak Battlebeard)
Church and guild are close, Floa stays at church. Old man stores half gold at home. Old and ogre go to casino. Hern brings Floa dinner. Both go home.
Flo and Hern get knocked out, outside of church. Other play cards at casino.
Floa and Hern wake up in casino. Civilian accuses us of murder. Apparently Hern and old man escaped jail before. Old man and giant try to help. All get arrested. At hearing, Father, nice elf lady, speak on our behalf. Elf guard accuses Floa for lieing.
Before hanging, poor people cause distraction as we follow one to our stuff in an alley. Guards followed.
Defeated guards, but our elf friend saw. Level up to 5.

After fight, get shoved into sewers. Man comes out and tells us to use the Yellow door(?) and talk to people. Giant looks around left broken archway tunnel. Decide to stay straight. Go through the next left with arch. Another, T. Hear noise, follow noiseless path. Keep straight, dead end, continue on our right. Poop blades come out and hack open the giant. Turn around and continue towards right. Old-one sneaks forward down another T. Finds people behind door. We go to people at doorway. Find fancy bugbears. (Bobs and Earls Things and Stuff) They say they have a shiny sword in the crocodile pit. We bought a raft and paddles.
Left B+E’s with iron door to right, and water up to the left. We take raft to CROCODILE PIT. Giant gets bite, along with old man. We scare croc away and grab raft. Throw get in raft and giant falls. Hern jumps into water for sword. We wait as the giant jumps in to. Hern gets attacked underwater but Raingrim comes to help. Rain comes out first then a sword rises from the water. Yay Hyrn got da sword.

Plays from 2/17 - 3/17 HOLY SHIT

Play-through on 02/17/2015 – EPISODE: 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot HUT

Short rest after rat fight. Sneak past rat nest. Enter circular house thing with stairways on both sides. Ed and Hern see the tall lanky man. Man thinks he’s cool as he gets lifted away. 2 bugbears left. 2 more bugbears come out. Ed didn’t move with group but zapped most of the burrs. One burr threw stuffs but eventually joined us. Floa gets hit a lot, but doesn’t phase her. Ed cleans up and we take short rest in big circle room. Nothing found. Put bodies on levers, and went up elevators. Up on platform. Go down ladder. Big oak door, still not yellow though. Open door to casim under hearken fell to sunken city.
King of Chickens get people to tell us where yellow door is. It is in slummers lane. We find an inn but no clean shower. Set up watch anyway. Something was coming through the vents during Hern’s and Floa’s watch, but nothing came out.

Play-through on 03/03/2015 – Who else but Ed?
Buy stoofs and go to slummers lane to look for yellow door. Go up onto house roof through tunnel. Beggar guy comes and bothers Reign, and another kicks Ed. Ed gets mad and quills the poor bastard. Floa heals poor bastard and condemns Ed. Continuing on, we witness an elf stabbing a gnome. We try to help gnome when Carian Crawler falls out of the ceiling. Initiate fight! More spawn around us. We attack the first a bit. Reign jumps off and smashes it. Spiders come out to hit Ed and Floa. Ed finishes off the first crawler. One of the crawlers crawl up and grab Ed, while the other grabs and drags Floa. First Hern was succumbed to poison then it was Ed and Floa can’t recover as well. Reign flys again to smash spiders. Everything is dead and we all save from the poison, finally.
Gnome MAN we save thanks us and opens door to the YELLOW DOOR, hurray! Knock-knock. Dwarf with fine robes, opens door. (Fruvin Loyalar) Floa look deep into her mind and discovers she doesn’t know a thing. The place we are in is for helping the homeless. We meet the guy to put us in the sewer in the first place. Dwarf knows of our situation. He offers to help us. Some people are impersonating us. Rumors say pieces of an artifact have been activated. Offers us to cloak us with an illusionist. We have to find Lady Mageris. She was last known exploring an abandoned temple of Palor. Circlet of Battle was given to Floa. Onwards towards magic!

We take rest in “town.” Dog and tall man go drink. Wiz dude finds out about temple. People stopped going, think it’s cursed. Dwarf man can let us stay at his places. Dwarf gave us directions. We sleeps. We head out. We go further underground after 5 hours we arrive.
We see huge metal double doors with Palors symbol on front. Reiny opens door, food smells come out. Dinner table is laid out with food, drink, and candles lit. Two doors on the back wall. Doors leads out to curved hallway that circles and chest in middle. We turn towards the left. Giant door on circle place with lock. Doors on left down curved hallway, and against column we will see a stone dragon, which looks like it should hold something with a pedestal in front. We continue down hallway with another dragon statue. ENCOUNTER.
Wraiths ghouls and zombies, oh my. They gang up on Ed, oh no! Floa saves Ed, hurray! Reim knocked down, no! Floa saves Reim, woohoo! Floa BLASTS THE BITCHES UP. She shuts up the wraith and SHIT DIES (Ed kinda helps too.) We take short rest, oh my Palor.
Biggen banged on door and we heard jingling (Chains perhaps?). Ed opens wooden chest. Pieces of armor and weapons in it along with pendent of Palor with keyhole and key. We open door to the first right. Pedestal with fire orb in room. Floa distincts which dragon statue is a red dragon. Fluffy puts red orb on red dragon. We open next door to right to find rectangle room with door at end with levers next to it. Leave lever room to go to next. Nice room with rug. Set of doors on back with no handles, they have murals on them. Bottom of door has hills and ppl, middle of the door left has moon other has sun, top has deities. Written on top says, “Those loyal to Palor need only touch his eye.” Hern touches sun and sun indent comes out.


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