DZX Adventures

Plays from 2/17 - 3/17 HOLY SHIT

Play-through on 02/17/2015 – EPISODE: 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot HUT

Short rest after rat fight. Sneak past rat nest. Enter circular house thing with stairways on both sides. Ed and Hern see the tall lanky man. Man thinks he’s cool as he gets lifted away. 2 bugbears left. 2 more bugbears come out. Ed didn’t move with group but zapped most of the burrs. One burr threw stuffs but eventually joined us. Floa gets hit a lot, but doesn’t phase her. Ed cleans up and we take short rest in big circle room. Nothing found. Put bodies on levers, and went up elevators. Up on platform. Go down ladder. Big oak door, still not yellow though. Open door to casim under hearken fell to sunken city.
King of Chickens get people to tell us where yellow door is. It is in slummers lane. We find an inn but no clean shower. Set up watch anyway. Something was coming through the vents during Hern’s and Floa’s watch, but nothing came out.

Play-through on 03/03/2015 – Who else but Ed?
Buy stoofs and go to slummers lane to look for yellow door. Go up onto house roof through tunnel. Beggar guy comes and bothers Reign, and another kicks Ed. Ed gets mad and quills the poor bastard. Floa heals poor bastard and condemns Ed. Continuing on, we witness an elf stabbing a gnome. We try to help gnome when Carian Crawler falls out of the ceiling. Initiate fight! More spawn around us. We attack the first a bit. Reign jumps off and smashes it. Spiders come out to hit Ed and Floa. Ed finishes off the first crawler. One of the crawlers crawl up and grab Ed, while the other grabs and drags Floa. First Hern was succumbed to poison then it was Ed and Floa can’t recover as well. Reign flys again to smash spiders. Everything is dead and we all save from the poison, finally.
Gnome MAN we save thanks us and opens door to the YELLOW DOOR, hurray! Knock-knock. Dwarf with fine robes, opens door. (Fruvin Loyalar) Floa look deep into her mind and discovers she doesn’t know a thing. The place we are in is for helping the homeless. We meet the guy to put us in the sewer in the first place. Dwarf knows of our situation. He offers to help us. Some people are impersonating us. Rumors say pieces of an artifact have been activated. Offers us to cloak us with an illusionist. We have to find Lady Mageris. She was last known exploring an abandoned temple of Palor. Circlet of Battle was given to Floa. Onwards towards magic!

We take rest in “town.” Dog and tall man go drink. Wiz dude finds out about temple. People stopped going, think it’s cursed. Dwarf man can let us stay at his places. Dwarf gave us directions. We sleeps. We head out. We go further underground after 5 hours we arrive.
We see huge metal double doors with Palors symbol on front. Reiny opens door, food smells come out. Dinner table is laid out with food, drink, and candles lit. Two doors on the back wall. Doors leads out to curved hallway that circles and chest in middle. We turn towards the left. Giant door on circle place with lock. Doors on left down curved hallway, and against column we will see a stone dragon, which looks like it should hold something with a pedestal in front. We continue down hallway with another dragon statue. ENCOUNTER.
Wraiths ghouls and zombies, oh my. They gang up on Ed, oh no! Floa saves Ed, hurray! Reim knocked down, no! Floa saves Reim, woohoo! Floa BLASTS THE BITCHES UP. She shuts up the wraith and SHIT DIES (Ed kinda helps too.) We take short rest, oh my Palor.
Biggen banged on door and we heard jingling (Chains perhaps?). Ed opens wooden chest. Pieces of armor and weapons in it along with pendent of Palor with keyhole and key. We open door to the first right. Pedestal with fire orb in room. Floa distincts which dragon statue is a red dragon. Fluffy puts red orb on red dragon. We open next door to right to find rectangle room with door at end with levers next to it. Leave lever room to go to next. Nice room with rug. Set of doors on back with no handles, they have murals on them. Bottom of door has hills and ppl, middle of the door left has moon other has sun, top has deities. Written on top says, “Those loyal to Palor need only touch his eye.” Hern touches sun and sun indent comes out.



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