DZX Adventures

Notes from 11/11/2014

In the morning, the men ate breakfast, while I meditate. But as soon as the sun rises, the idiots find trouble. This time it was Ed to find a group of Bug Bears. Jim comes out swinging as he smashes into the bears face. Ed finds another one hiding in the bushes as some humans join the fight. After a quick fall of the ogre, we defeated most of them, while one gets away. What a great start to today. Ed went shopping for a magical dagger. The two oafs go out to get more armor. I try to look for a beach but with no avail. I decide to look for a church of Bahamut. I find one with an ancient Dragonborne priest. Father escorts me to the basement and tells me a lot of people have fallen with illness the past few months. I decide to assist them.

A man bursts into the church asking for help. We help him, but guard (one who stabbed him) came asking for him. I decide to get him for the guard but decide against it. I lie to the guard but will release the man once he is healed I told father.

Hern and others:
After getting armor, decide to look for a fighters guild. They find the Lions Den. A woman elf welcomed them. The good woman brought us yummy wine. Sorcerer not welcome. Had to pay to enter. Hern wants to make better impression of Knolls. Try outs are at 7pm. Ask for earlier armor, but nope. Back to the den. Lady leads us downstairs. We can’t use weapons. That ok. Said something about Semore. Fight with Grimm. Ed bet on us, we must win. We ready to fight! Semore is hill giant. We in the rage cage. We punch him, but he punch harder. He charge us and Grimm goes down. I get a few more in before I’m knockouted.



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