DZX Adventures

Notes from 10/25/2014

Open up door on upper library. Reveals to be bathroom with very frozen door. Old man tries to figure it out. Try to blast door with magical fire. It seemed to have worked, the door is now unfrozen. Hern slowly opens up door to very hot room of fiery inferno. Everyone dives into pool and wets themselves to cross the room. I refuse such nonsense and run through the room. A few burns are nothing for me. We run into a large open room. Large tentacle head in the room with 2 zombie dogs. Battle starts.

Ogre charges in first. Dog close behind him. Ed finishes of the dog with a blast. I try to heal the giant, but I end up attracting the Beholder. It sees me as a threat, finally, in the presence of something intelligent. Hern charges in at the Beholder. We finish off the dog as a ghost solider appears and attacks Hyrn. The Beholder plays with Ed and more ghost appear out. We were getting really down. I was missing, Hern was stuck, ogre was almost dead, and once again the creepy things want to make love with Ed. Finally a ghost was finished off. I was able to save ed who did surprising a lot of damage to the Behole. The two meat heads faught the ghost while Ed and I continue with Behold. Ed goes down as everyone is holding on by the skin of their teeth. I do my best to protect the fallen man. We pulled our greatest efforts to defeat sir Behole. It was Bahamut’s sacred flame that finally made the beast fell. All that remained was one more skeleton warrior.

We got to rest and it looked as if it was an underdeep cave. The window shows to be regular day. The behole left what seemed to be a symbol from his magical practices. The fire room had deafened. Visiting the portal room, it seemed to stabilized. Went back to talk to Derrel to tell him of the news of Behole, portal and no Delmar. Stated the crack in the orb is what let the Behole through. The windows seem regulated as well. We travel back to the Bailiff. We explained the situation to him and we all received 250 gold. We take the house and it goes in Ed’s name. I suppose he earned the destroyed and haunted mansion. Now we are room-mates. Joy.



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