DZX Adventures

May 31st 2015

Do the most you can do without doing anything.

Rein pulls down levers and opens one door. Rein pulls down more levers and opens another door. We find another marble. Yay all marbles got! Figured out which goes on which. Floa beams a red orb green and the column shakes and moves. The center opens. We opens the door and see the Halfling chained up. Skeletons pop out and time to fight!

We meet our 4 armed friends again. We get the first one by Rein is in bad shape. We asplode the second one we all get boned. We gang up on the wraith. Freakin dude smashes our awesome lamp (noooo!) but we blow him up. REBEL UP! We get the gurl down and talk wif her.



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