DZX Adventures

May 13th 2015

You can’t poop your way out of an outhouse.

We see big guys and zombie in open area while we were surrounded by stone and itense darkness. Hern throws javlin at zombeh and it and the big thing run through portals. Another zombie pops out of a door next to us. We kill it. Rieny get bored and goes through the door to meet the big guy but gets bopped in the butt. Hern follows him but gets hit as well. They both come out with lots less blood. We huddle near the portal and smash the next one that comes out. No more come out so we go in after them. We knock out the other small ones. Floa pushes the big one off the edge with a helpful nudge from Hern. Biggin falls but lands back to the center. He face checks Ed after Ed stated his choice words. Using everything she could, Floa revived the old man we continued the beat down. We team up on fatty and splatter him. Strolling into another room we expose of the rest of the minions and we can finally rest after falling into this nightmare.



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