DZX Adventures

Mansion Mystery Murders My Mind

Can it be over yet? - by Floa

As usual, dog-brain is the one to find the bad stuff. After opening the door, he gets attacked by a strange blue creature with a tripod mouth. The ogre, now rushing to the scene, watches as the dog bashes the monster on the head. As soon as the hit connects, the creature blinks out of existence; or so it seemed. I headed over to bear witness to this strange site. As soon as I round the corner, I see a flash of blue appear next to the old-man, and then they were both gone. This creature was surely not of this world. Without another second to think of what had just happened, another scimitar slicing skeleton made it was down the hallway towards us. Having enough with these abominations for one day, I commanded the vile thing straight into Jim; who promptly smashed it accordingly.

Not a moment later, we see the senior citizen frantically run out the door into the creepy room and immediately start to fire crazed magic back into it. I decide to keep my focus on the Arabian skeleton and continue to fire Bahamut’s holy righteousness at it. Shards of the necrotic being begin to fly straight into the two meat-head’s faces, as my bombardment did not cease. It was Jim who did the final smashing and the abomination was pounded into the dust that it should have been all along. The wizard continues to frantically blast spells into the room he escaped from until the blue creature was a smolder on the floor.

Now that the “fun” was over, we continued with our investigation. The room smelly-one had found was very… off. Everything was tilted and uneven. Even with the evil infestation of the previous room, I was more discomforted by this room than any other. It was hard to tell, but the room seemed to be a simple guest room. It seemed to be raining outside this room’s window. The room where the mysterious blue-creature flashed wrinkles into looked to be an office. A scorching desert could be seen from this window. Whilst searching this room, we came across an “Amulet of Physical Resolve.” It seemed best to give it to the giant.

Continuing our look around this horrid place, we came across a door with many colored levers on it. Another door, leading to what we presumed was the same place as the lever door, was covered in traps. We attempted to think of how to open the colored door. Even though we had only spent the morning there, we seemed to have forgotten everything we had been through so far, so we had to do some backtracking to find a way to solve the door’s “puzzle.” After a few trial and errors, we were able to open the door by moving the black, red and brown levers with the mut only suffering minor injuries.

We ventured through the door to find a hallway. We walked through the doors on the right and came into what we believed to be the master bedroom. There was a mirror in the corner that did not look correct, which seemed very fitting for this haunted mansion of strange happenings. In the mirror we saw a severed head lying on the desk in the room, even though there was no head on the desk when we looked at it outside the mirror. The head remained in the mirror, until fuzz-ball stuck his big paw onto where the head seemed to be on the desk. The head “came to life” and began to talk to us. This seemed to be too much for the ogre as he had started to shout at us and the mirror. I guess he has finally lost the little mind he had. After a few questions, and once the giant calmed down a bit, we were able to learn that the head belonged to Dyrel Crackedstaff. He stated he had been practicing opening up portals to different dimensions and got stuck inside the mirror. His son, Delmar, seemed to be attempting the same witch-craft. To his suspicions, Delmar may have been successful seeing as how he was not familiar as to why there were teleporting tripod monsters in his house, along with most everything else. He asked us to bring him Delmar for questioning in return for some “valuable” information. With my patience leaning on its final bearings, Delmar should pray to his gods that we give him the chance to explain his sins.

Leaving the bodyless-wonder, we step into the room across the hallway. It is here where we find a huge, swirling, evil, clue that we have been searching for. A large, terrifying, yet stable portal to another dimension was open before us. It looked like a miniature tornado crashing atop of a carved portal sign with a small cracked orb lying beneath. Wanting absolutely nothing to do with this situation, we all decide to close the door and head up stairs.

Wanting this escapade to be over with, I decide to head up first. Much to my not-surprise, more “fun” awaited us in the library. Another blob was waiting for us, as well as two small but gruesome looking creatures. They attacked us. Hurray… With the smell of more battle, came the aloof ogre, practically skipping past us on the stairs to rush straight into battle. Snot-face joins him as they gang up and destroy the blob thoroughly. I am mildly, yet not-very much, impressed that they finally try to use battle-tactics that actually help our situation. Unfortunately, our “drunkest of wizards” becomes a target again as the disgusting tentacle creatures capture him and teleport him around the room. I suppose drunk elderly men are favored in the dimension these bastardized creations come from. The two smaller ones fall quickly, as the bigger one, who had joined the fight later, continues to reign down its psychic attacks of horror and slimy tentacles of repulsiveness. The duo meat-heads decided to flank. The ogre does a fantastic wind up just to miss his target and fly off the top of the story. He falls while shouting, “FLOA!” I couldn’t help but giggle as the fumbling ballerina gracefully lands on his face after his devastating 3 foot fall. He then proceeds to scramble back up and bash the hentai monster for a killing blow. It seems like Jim just enjoys a show once and awhile.

We leave off here in the library, having to take a short breather before continuing on.



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