DZX Adventures

June 1st 2015

I don’t sell houses.

Enchantress was with Fruzzle. She grabs metal item to hid from evil group. We go back and rest and take safe route. Mageris comes to us with stones they illusion our bodies. We can appear as any human race with similar body structure. Fuzz man gets scales(Jeff Goldbloom), old man becomes kitten (Burt Renalds), avatar becomes elf dude(Orlando Bloom) and ogre becomes Shaq(Hasslehoff). Band of Thieves. We decide to take quick way up through Fruzzle’s house and we can use it again. Hern goes to get new weap, Rein and Ed go scope out the house and Floa goes around town to get news. Near by town, Valanar, has a curious problem. The town has taken on an awful scent. We hear about our escape. People have been or are inside. We decide to see the bay-leaf again. No reason. See realitor, guards been in house. We head to stinky town.

Grabing horses and magic nose plugs, we head off. People say crops are bad and yellowish haze has appearing. We encounter bad guys orcs.



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