DZX Adventures


PLAY on 01/20/2015

Two idiots get dragged to church to heal.
Old man gets handed gold after losing it all. Follows others to Bahamut church. Drawf with no arm appears walks up to him. Asks them to come to join the fighters guild tomorrow. Floa shows up to the trio. Old man and giant go to Lions Den, Hern picks up armor. (Thak Battlebeard)
Church and guild are close, Floa stays at church. Old man stores half gold at home. Old and ogre go to casino. Hern brings Floa dinner. Both go home.
Flo and Hern get knocked out, outside of church. Other play cards at casino.
Floa and Hern wake up in casino. Civilian accuses us of murder. Apparently Hern and old man escaped jail before. Old man and giant try to help. All get arrested. At hearing, Father, nice elf lady, speak on our behalf. Elf guard accuses Floa for lieing.
Before hanging, poor people cause distraction as we follow one to our stuff in an alley. Guards followed.
Defeated guards, but our elf friend saw. Level up to 5.

After fight, get shoved into sewers. Man comes out and tells us to use the Yellow door(?) and talk to people. Giant looks around left broken archway tunnel. Decide to stay straight. Go through the next left with arch. Another, T. Hear noise, follow noiseless path. Keep straight, dead end, continue on our right. Poop blades come out and hack open the giant. Turn around and continue towards right. Old-one sneaks forward down another T. Finds people behind door. We go to people at doorway. Find fancy bugbears. (Bobs and Earls Things and Stuff) They say they have a shiny sword in the crocodile pit. We bought a raft and paddles.
Left B+E’s with iron door to right, and water up to the left. We take raft to CROCODILE PIT. Giant gets bite, along with old man. We scare croc away and grab raft. Throw get in raft and giant falls. Hern jumps into water for sword. We wait as the giant jumps in to. Hern gets attacked underwater but Raingrim comes to help. Rain comes out first then a sword rises from the water. Yay Hyrn got da sword.



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