DZX Adventures

August 2nd 2015

We knew the mission was bull shit.

Continuing attacks from orcs. Kill le orcs. Get to stank town. Talk to “head” person. Crops died a month ago, livestock missing, bad bad bad. Faces rapped up. Scent coming from the ground. They have caves. Sent some people prior. Never came back. There is also well. Get to use abandoned Inn. Go to well. It’s hallow. Go to Inn and sleep. Take shifts watching over caves n stuff.

Up during Floa shift, animals on farm near plateau (smelly place) become unrest. Wake up others and head towards it. Find kobolds taking cow. We follow them towards caves. At corn field we get ambushed. Kill a few, rest run away. Tell mayor about it.
Head out down river. Find waterfall at plateau drains into river. We found cows. Try to get out cows. Nope. Going to get up wall. Nope. They come down we attack. “Glory for Golgarax!” We kill some, and break gate. Give up on cows. Climb up waterfall and all make it up!



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