DZX Adventures

April 14th 2015

Touch Butts

2nd to last room has room with door at the end. Men trample through and open MORE doors to reveal wraiths. Greeeeeeat. They all get wacked, but the ghosts get knocked down easily. Unfortunately, we get ambushed by bug bastards. Fluffy hits one of the bugs and it begins to rust. The monster eats Herns new sword. Uh oh. Thankfully Ed clears them out. We whack on the last guy and old man just blows it up. Hern obliterates the bug things body and ressadoom pours out which is worth the same as the sun sword, whew! Open other one to reveal ressadoom 1500 and Hern takes it. Ed picks up a GLOOORB with lightning in it.

We switch out items for bone, scale and stuff. Place blue dragon orb and go to Pelor door. Floa gets on Grim’s shoulders and looks up at the eye. She puts in the locket and turns the key. Door unlocks! Reimy pushes door and we find another red orb with fire in it. We try place with lever. Lever huuuuuuuurts. Grim just smashes the door. Reveals tougher door with 5 levers. Le sigh~ We try portal. Hern sticks arm through and cant get it out. We tie him and he goes through. He gives us the all clear so we all hop



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